A Bitter Sweet Symphony

Today I am presenting an other Recipe from the “Vegan Lovestory” Cook book by Hiltl and Tibits. Baked glazed Chicory topped with Blood Orange fillets  I really enjoyed this beautiful side dish (even though it looks more beautiful before baking. … Continue reading

Mediterranean Delight Bites

Kalhmera Dear Readers and Welcome to an other blog-monday funday. Today I have a special post, as I don’t have one Recipe for you. I have Seven! Fresh from scratch and ready for you to be cooked! What happens on … Continue reading

Guest Post: Cucumber – Basil Dream Team

Here it is, my second guest Post straight from the recipe book of Mama Lovestone.
You might think “Isn’t this cold Cucumber and Basil Soup more of a summer dish”. Well, I won’t contradict. But hey, there is an other half of the world that has summer time right now. So this is for all you people that enjoy a warm climate right now or that simply don’t care and like to enjoy some cold creamy soup when it snows – just like me.
You can prepare it the day before and it only takes you about 10 Minutes to make this super savory soup.
It’s a great dish to serve in small glasses at the Buffet or also as an appetizer.
That certain something comes from the Noilly Prat, a french Wermouth. If you can’t find that brand, you could also use “Martini extra dry”. Not the same taste, but it would work. The Original Recipe is with greek yoghurt, but I “veganized” the recipe (replaced with soy yoghurt) and as I have tried both ways before, I must say, there is no taste difference. This Soup is simply a taste bomb!
Find this Recipe Here or go to “Appetizers”.

Happy weekend to everyone with many many tasty highlights of course!

Guest post: Avocado- Tomato Dream Team

As I promised, here my first guest post from no one less then my mother. For the new years eve dinner she prepared a beautiful Buffet for 16 hungry people. Two of the recipes I would like to share with you, as they are simple and fast to make but are a little star, when it comes to tickle your taste buds.
And…my personal opinion: Little scrumptious food combinations in small classes make me happy just to look at.
This is a great option for a Buffet or also as an appetizer.
For me there is no better cuisine then cooking with simple high quality ingredients. And the combination of sweet Cherry Tomatoes and creamy rich Avocado just scream to be eaten together….at least in my head (common, Avo-Toast with Tomatoes and cracked Pepper- who doesn’t get a kick out of this 2 Minute prep. meal)
Find this Recipe Here or go to “Appetizers”
As a first course I would maybe make some homemade focaccia to go with it. Or what are your serving ideas?

Enjoy some Italy on the plate

This seems more like a summer recipe to you? Yep, very true…. I made it for a Party this summer and I finally thought of sharing it with you…..cause it’s sooooo good!
This dish is very rich and creamy and I recommend eating it with either Bread (homemade Focaccia would be great I think) or side dishes like salad or plain Pasta (and not like a friend of mine did, by eating A LOT of it plain and then get a little sick…).
The Marinara I cooked for almost 2 hours to have a thick sauce to layer. If you can’t find any Creme fraiche, just use Sour Cream. Of course you can also fry the Eggplants in a pan, but I think it’s a lot easier and also less oily if you bake the slices in the oven after brushing Oil on them.
The dish can be served either cold or warm and also as an appetizer, side dish or on a Buffet.
Find this Recipe Here or go to “Side Dishes”.
Enjoy and love, Emily

Turnip Cabbage Schnitzel – my at-the-moment favorite Side Dish

These vegetable Schnitzel and a good Salad with it and I am the happiest! I made them GLUTEN FREE, but of course you could also use normal flour and normal bread Crumbs.
We had them with an vegan indian Carrot-Chick Pea salad with “Yogurt”- Dressing , some Cucumber Salad with Dill and the Zucchini Sage Frittata, that I posted this week. The Salads will follow soon!
Enjoy these Schnitzel fresh from the pan, while they are warm and crunchy.
Find this Recipe Here or go to “Side Dish”

Love, Emily

A vegan Casserole called Milpa

Vegan Casserole with Beans, Corn and Pumpkin, Jalapenos, Olives, Bell Pepper and a creamy Cashew Sauce on top.

I called my Casserole Recipe Milpa, after the crop-growing system in Mesoamerica. It’s based on the ancient agricultural methods of Maya people and other Mesoamerican people. Milpa agriculture produces maize, beans, and squash. If you cultivate them together, they act symbiotic.
So, I don’t want to disturb this symbiosis and just keep them together…while cooking and eating 😉 Works well! It’s very tasty….too bad we don’t have black beans in Switzerland at the normal store. I think it would make a better contrast for the eye. For that reason I will also take a red bell pepper the next time instead of a yellow one.

Find the Milpa Casserole Recipe here or go to “Vegan Delight Bites”

Enjoy, Emily

And she did it again!

Once a year my grand aunt cookes this very hearty dish called Küttiger Carrots for my family. On the plate you have the special yellow Carrots, that only grow in the region by the small village Küttigen, and Potatoes. When they are cooked you can barly tell the differents, which one’s a potato and which one’s a carrot (as you can see on the photo)….you taste it though!
Traditionally you cook bacon with it, which is important for the taste of the whole dish, sometimes you serve ham or sausages too. And Dijon Mustard is a must on the table by us.
If you want to know more about the “Küttiger Carrot”, have a look at my page “the carrot market of Aarau” which you will find under culinary journeys. I posted This Recipe under “Side Dishes”.
It’s a very simple and old swiss recipe and it’s worth it to try this miraculous carrot if you ever get the chance to.