Colored Maki Rolls



Nori leaves
250g Sushi Rice
5 Tbsp. Rice Vinegar
1 Tsp. Sugar
1 Tsp. Salt

Optional fillings:

Sauted Mushrooms
Red and Yellow Bell Peppers
White and Purple Cabbage
Basil leafs

For the natural Coloring:

Yellow: 2 Tbsp. Turmeric Powder
Green-blue: 1 Tbsp. Spirulina Powder
Purple: 2 Tbsp. Beet juice or Beet Powder
Red-brown: 2 Tbsp. Sweet Paprica Powder

Serve with:
Soy sauce
Pickled Ginger


Cook the Rice in Water until soft (takes about 15 Minutes). Then add Rice Vinegar, Salt and Sugar and mix well. Let it cool down on the side for a while.
Now cut the Veggies in Stripes

Now split the Rice in 4 parts in 4 bowls. Each bowl is a color. Mix the coloring ingredients to the bowl.

Time to Roll the Sushi!

Instead of me trying to write down what you have to do and you try to figure out what I am trying to say, I just add a youtube video right here, where you can actually see it:

Serve with Wasabi, Soy Sace and pickled Ginger


And Enjoy!!

Blog Post – Natural colored Delight Bites:
Vegan Maki Sushi isn’t a new Recipe invented by the Delight Bite – kitchen but today I gave it a little twist by coloring the rice with natural colors – Spirulina, Turmeric, Beet Juice and Sweet Pepper Powder transformed this simple meal into a rainbow.
With Sauteed Garlic-Mushrooms I added more Omami to the food and served it with pickled Ginger, Soy Sauce, Wasabi and of course Chop Sticks.
A great way to create Finger Food for a Party or simply bring some color to the table in a natural way.