Baked Porridge Bowl (vegan)

IMG_6253 2

For 2 Portions


1 Cup Oats (I took Non-Ggluten oat flakes and millet flakes)
Optional: 1/4 Cup of Soy Flakes
2 Cups of Water
Optional: 1 Tbsp. Agave Syrup or Maple Syrup
3/4 Cup of fresh or frozen Berries
1 Tbsp. Nut Butter (Almond, Cashew or Peanut butter)

For the Smoothie Cream:

1/2 Banana
1/2 Cup of Berries
fresh grated Ginger
2 Tsp. Seabuckthorn juice
1/2 Cup of non-dairy milk or Water

To top:

Different Fruits (I took Pineapple and Banana)
Chia Seeds
Goji Berries


Preheat the oven to 190°C/ 375F

Mix in a Bowl: The Oats, the Water, the Berries, Nut butter and Agave Syrup and fill it in an oven proof form. Bake for 45 minutes to an hour (until crunchy on top).

In the meantime make the Smoothie: Mix all the ingredients from the Smoothie in a blender.

Cut the fruits in pieces.

Poor the Smoothie on top of the baked Porridge, then decorate the Porridge bowl with the fruit pieces and sprinkle Chia Seeds and Goji on top.


Enjoy the warm Porridge with the cold Smoothie Cream.


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