Enjoy some Italy on the plate

This seems more like a summer recipe to you? Yep, very true…. I made it for a Party this summer and I finally thought of sharing it with you…..cause it’s sooooo good!
This dish is very rich and creamy and I recommend eating it with either Bread (homemade Focaccia would be great I think) or side dishes like salad or plain Pasta (and not like a friend of mine did, by eating A LOT of it plain and then get a little sick…).
The Marinara I cooked for almost 2 hours to have a thick sauce to layer. If you can’t find any Creme fraiche, just use Sour Cream. Of course you can also fry the Eggplants in a pan, but I think it’s a lot easier and also less oily if you bake the slices in the oven after brushing Oil on them.
The dish can be served either cold or warm and also as an appetizer, side dish or on a Buffet.
Find this Recipe Here or go to “Side Dishes”.
Enjoy and love, Emily

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