Spanish Tortilla Skewers

Makes 30 pieces


500g Potatoes, small diced
6 Eggs
15 Sun Dried Tomatoes in Oil, chopped
1 big Onion
Chili powder
Vegetable Oil
30 Chorizo Slices
30 Green Olives
30 Tooth picks


For the Spanish Tortilla you need a frying pan. Cut thin onion rings and half them. Heat Oil in the pan and add the onions and Potatoes. Cook the Potatoes until they are soft and salt them (takes about 30 minutes)

Put the Eggs, Salt, Pepper and Chili powder in a bowl and whisk everything well.

Put the Onions and Potatoes into the Bowl with the Eggs and add the Tomatoes, stir it and put it back into the frying pan. Cook the Tortilla on a low heat until the eggs are set and not runny anymore.

Then turn the Tortilla with two plates and cook the other side.

Let the Tortilla cool off.

Cut little squares of the Tortilla. Roll a Chorizo and put an Olive in the middle of every square, then attach everything with a toothpick.

Tip: The Tortilla can be prepared one day before.


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