warm Feta Cheese in a Honey-Sesame Coat


1 Feta (you can also use other Goat Cheese or Halloumi)
1 Egg
Sesame Seeds
2 Tbsp. of Honey
Optional:chopped Mint leaves
Oil to cook

Prepare 3 plates: one with Flour and chopped Mint leaves, one with the Egg, beaten and one with the Sesame Seeds.

Take the Feta cheese and turn it first in the Flour, then in the Egg and at the end in the Sesame Seeds.

Heat some Oil in a Frying Pan and cook the Feta Cheese on low to medium heat with a lid on for about 7 Minutes on each side until golden brown.

Set it on the plate und drizzle the Honey over the hot Cheese.

Serve right away


Blog post:

Kalhmera Dear Readers and Welcome to an other blog-monday funday.

Today I have a special post, as I don’t have one Recipe for you. I have Seven! Fresh from scratch and ready for you to be cooked!

What happens on a night with good friends, a kitchen full of fresh ingredients and a camera?
Cooking craziness, photo creativity and a new blog post of course!

So that night our friends came over for dinner and one of them was the photographer Julian Bregnard.
Within short time the room transformed into a studio and the mediterranean Dinner turned into a model.
I chose to dive into the tastes of the mediterranean cuisine and combined some of my favorite ingredients and spices for a simple and fresh dinner.
And here comes the best part: All of my super easy Recipes are right here and ready for you and your next Mediterranean Dinner Night – just click on the name and it takes you to the Recipe:

Oriental Carrot – Garbanzo Salad

Warm Feta in a Honey – Sesame Coat


Roasted Bellpepper – Pekan Nut Hummus

Filled Eggplant rolls

and last but not least:
Mediterranean Chicken

I served the dishes with fresh Pita Bread made out of Pizza dough, marinated Olives, Greek Salad and breaded marinated Mushrooms (Recipe will follow), but the options are endless.

Happy Guests – happy Emily
Kalh Orexh everyone!

I don’t know how the other Food Bloggers out there do it, but usually when I want to take photos for the blog it’s also eating time and everything has to go quite fast, as patience isn’t the best skill of hungry and hangry people. This evening it wasn’t any different, besides that when I make photos it never looks that professional. Here a little sneak peak for you guys (In the picture: Julian and his wife Mel):



and until next time: Keep it fresh and yummie!