Mediterranean Delight Bites

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Howdy from the delight-bite kitchen

Howdy Readers and Bloggers of the Internet World
I will keep this post short – but with all the Informations you need to make this easy, fast prepared and delicious plantbased Tex Mex Salad with Avocado-creaminess.
The pictures speak for them selfs. And it really is that easy to make a beautiful and scrumptious Meal for the whole family and Friends.
Find this Recipe Here or go to “Salads”

Stay tuned for more delightful bites from the delight-bite kitchen
Adios amigos


Time to Glow


I first thought, it might be a bit early for this post (as most people want to detox in spring time), but I changed my mind. It can’t really ever be too early for this!
So it’s the end of cold and freezing january and after all the holiday deliciousness and hearty savory food I enjoyed in the last 2 months, it’s time to get back on feeling-fabulous track.
Also I wanted to wait with this post, because we just saw some green drinkable something in the post before. But then I thought, the green hell with it. You can never eat or drink too many greens. And I myself love recipes that show me new ways how to increase the daily greens. Especially in the winter time…. were we sometimes forget about their existence.
The second reason is, that so many people around me these days are ill and have bad colds etc. So it is definitely time for an immune system boost!
So I thought about this warm half raw- half cooked Soup for the maximum of nutritions.
All you need is a blender (I know I’m a lucky girl with my Vitamix blender, but i believe any blender will work)


The trick with the soup is to not cook the greens. They stay raw. For the warmth of the soup we add warm water to the blender instead of cold. And for the warmth inside us we add Garlic, Ginger, Pepper and Cayenne Pepper. Only the Peas are cooked and added while still hot.

This metabolism/immune system booster soup is full of Potassium, iron, zinc, and lots of Vitamins. Also the celery is high in sodium and gives the soup a natural salty taste, in case you don’t want to add salt.

It’s a super savory and satisfying meal and perfect for a detox or energy boost.
The preparation time is less then 10 Minutes.
Find this Recipe Here or go to “Vegan Delight Bites”

Stay healthy dear blog friends

Summer Salads for Summer days!

Finally I am back on Blog track….but I do have a good excuse. I went on a Trip to Turkey! Which was mind blowing! And of course I will soon post a little something about the culinary highlights I experienced in Istanbul and Antalia.
But for now: I promised you the creamy vegan summer salads I had with my Turnip Cabbage Schnitzel.
A Cucumber Dill Salad with a Soy Yogurt Dressing
and a Carrot Chick Pea Salad with a “Yogurt”- Dressing and indian spices:
I once had a similar Salad at the Restaurant Hiltl, so the idea comes from there.
Find the Recipes Here or go to “Salads”

Enjoy the Summer sun!
Love, Emily

A Recipe for all Salad junkies! (And Lentil Lovers)

Spring time is salad time……soup recipes are leaving my mind and Salad ideas take in their place.
I’ve had this salad on my blog on the recipe list for a while, but always forgot to make photos or a post of it’s own. But hey! This salad deserves it’s own post!! So Here it is!
Recipe to find Here or go to “Salads”
Enjoy the weekend everyone!
Love, Emily

The Koolsla from the Coleslaws!


The past few weeks I craved Coleslaw for almost every dinner….so I started to create a new Coleslaw Recipe every night. This hearty salad goes well with so many different ingredients…celery, peppers, corn, bacon bits, apple slices, Nuts and Seeds…..etc.
This version is with an Avocado cream for a Dressing and a Coleslaw on a bed of Mung beans.
A luscious and fast made spring dinner!

Find this Recipe Here or go to “Salads”

Enjoy!, Emily

A Power Salad for long days!

Most of you know the feeling after lunch, when you ate too much, or too heavy or ate refined food products, that make your blood sugar go crazy as if it were on a rollercoaster. And all you want, after a lunch like that is a bed and some sleep. But reality is differet. A 30 minute break and the show must go on.
The more important it is, to eat the right thing, so body and mind can stay focused.
Here is my vegan Quinoa Broccoli Salad Recipe. It’s the perfect power and brain food for long days. You can easily prepare it the day before and take it to work.


Why Quinoa:
It contains lots of high quality protein and essential amino acids, including lysine, which occurs almost exclusively in meat and fish otherwise. Also it has a relatively high content of iron, calcium and magnesium. It is gluten free.
Why Broccoli:
It can actively support the body’s cells and immune system. It not only has antioxidants and a beneficial effect on hormone metabolism, but can also slow the growth of abnormal cells.
Why Carrots:
They contain beta-carotene. The fibers regulate the digestive system. They can have a preventive effect against cancer.
Why Goji Berries:
They contain more vitamin C than oranges and a lot of vitamin A. In addition, goji berries are especially rich in protein, hematopoietic iron, vitamin B1, dietary fiber and vitamin E. It acts naturally antibacterial. The betaines promote the memory and muscle growth.
Why Pumpkin Seeds:
They are rich in protein, vitamin E and B vitamins.
Why Walnuts:
It is a good source of protein, vitamin E and linoleic acid.
Why Chia:
Chia contain 5x more Calcium then milk. Also it has lots of antioxidants and omg3
Why Ginger:
Ginger is anti-inflammatory, expectorant and analgesic. Ginger tea can help with digestive problems, as a bath it can solve additive muscle tension. It helps if you get car, bus or plane sick, if you chew on a piece of ginger.
Why Linseedoil:
It contains lots of the 3-polyunsaturated Omega, more than most other vegetable oils.It can inhibit inflammation, promote blood clotting and dilate the blood vessels. It regulates blood pressure and blood lipids and can prevent against thrombosis, heart attack and stroke.

Have a great start into the new week! Love, Emily L.