Wiener Schnitzel

For 4 Wiener Schnitzel



4 cutlets of veal or pork
1/4 cup of Flour
2 Eggs
1 Cup of Bread crumbs
8 Tbsp. Resolidified Butter

To pound meat thin you may want to place the cutlet between sheets of plastic wrap. You can use a heavy flat pan or like I did, a meat tenderizer.

Pound them as thin as you like

Then salt and pepper the meat on both sides.

Prepare 3 plates. One with flower, one with the eggs, that you beat well, and the last one with the bread cumbs.

Turn the meat in the flour

coat them in eggs

then in bread crumbs

Take a frying pan (you might need two for the large Schnitzels). Heat up the resolidified Butter on the highest temperature and add the Schnitzels to the pan. Then turn down the heat (from 10 to 8). Fry every side until it’s golden brown. It takes arround 4 minutes, each side.


You can serve the dish the traditional way: with a slice of lemon, cranberry sauce and Potato salad….mmmh Enjoy!

PS: for a change you can also mix unsweetened crushed cornflakes to the bread crumbs….very crunchy!

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