Beet Crêpe with Goat cheese, Sesame and Honey


2/3 Cup of Flour
2 Pinches of Salt
2 Pinches of Pepper
1-2 Eggs
1 Cup Milk
1/4 Cup cooked and peeled Beet
Butter to cook
Chives to decorate

Roast the Sesame in a frying pan without oil. Stand next to it and stir it. They can burn easily. Then put them on the side.

For the Crepe you stir the flour, salt, Pepper, eggs and milk in a bowl to a crepe batter. Then you puree the beet and add it to the batter. The result is a crazy pink colour!


Melt the butter in a flat frying pan. Then put some batter in the pan and make round crepes. After turning them once, put the filling on the cook side: Goat cheese, Sesame and drop some Honey over it.

Then you close the crepe by either flipping half of the side over, or make a little package.


Serve it with a spoon full of sourcream ontop.

Tip: A lovely and colourful appetizer. This dish goes very well with my filled bacon dates. You can find the recipe by “Appetizers”


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