Fried Mushroom – Polenta

Side dish for 4 people


For the Mushroom Ragu:

250g Mushrooms
1 Onion
2dl Red wine
1dl Water
2Tbsp. Flour

Chopp the Onion and slice the mushrooms. Then start cooking them in a pan with butter. After about 5 minutes stir the flour to it. Then poor the wine and Water to it. Salt and Pepper it and let it cook for about 20 minutes. Season to taste.

While the Ragu is cooking, you have time to prepare the Polenta without losing time.

For the Polenta:

120g Polenta (I took the grainy one)
450ml Boillon or Water
50g Butter
100g grated Parmesan
Salt, Pepper

Set up the Polenta in a pan with the Boillon. Leave it on a low heat and stir once in a while. The Polenta I took, needs about 25-35 minutes, until it is ready. Then you can take it away from the heat and add the butter, mix the melting Butter with the Polenta. Then add the Parmesan by lifting it slowly underneath. Season with Salt and Pepper.


Of course you can enjoy this dish right now the way it is. And prepare the fried Polenta the next day with the leftovers.


Or you mix the Polenta with the Ragu together.


Then you have the option to fry or bake. If you want to bake it, spread the Mushroom-Polenta on a baking paper on a baking tray and let it cool off. You can sprinkle some more Parmesan over it before you bake by 200°C until it’s golden brown (Takes about 10 minutes). If you want to, you can also sprinkle a bit Olive oil over it and fresh rosemary.

Or you wait until it’s cooled off and form little parts, then fry them in a little bit of butter in the frying pan until they are crispy on the outside. If the mixture is to moist, you can add some breadcrumbs to it, before you fry them.


This dish goes well with a Fall Salad or meat. For example my Lamb with basil crust and fig sauce.
Try it!

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