-Whisky Tasting-

A Whisky Tasting is a great event to plan with friends, that know or want to know and enjoy Whisky. At this event everyone brought his very best Whisky from home to our place. Here a few:





I didn’t know too much about Whisky, so this was lots of fun and very interesting. I learned that the spirit is sniffed first, so that the aroma can be examined. Sniff it 3 times. Be careful the first time. The strength of the spirit can burn if you inhale too much. Then take a little sip and let the Whisky move around in your mouth by chewing it lightly. The flavor will change over time in the mouth.

Tasting Wheel:

Chocolate is a great combination with Whisky. Even though they say that dark plain chocolate is the very best for this purpose, we got us 3 different ones, not exactly plain 🙂 They might have changed the taste of the whisky in other direction…but they were yummie!!!

Dark chocolate with Chili and Lemongrass:

Dark chocolate with red pepper:

Milk chocolate with Cranberries


PS: I know….we had the wrong classes 🙂

4 thoughts on “-Whisky Tasting-

  1. Danke Emily, klasse Anregung, ich habe mehrere Flaschen Whiskey “geerbt” und werde mit Freunden und dem Tasting Wheel bewaffnet auch einen solchen Abend veranstalten 🙂

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