About Emily

My name in the world of cooking art is Emily Lovestone. Welcome to my page. I created this webpage to show my favorite and easiest recipes, that always succeed.

For me, cooking is Art. To express myself and find new creations. Most important to me are freshness and quality of the ingredients, fresh herbs and spices, seasonal and regional and if possible organic and also to take my time. As I traveled a lot, my dishes are sometimes influenced by different cultures. While traveling, learning and understanding different cultures, I found out for myself, that to understand another culture, I also have to understand their way of preparing and celebrating their food, dining habits and the use oft the ingredients and their heritage.

The food I grew up with was a combination of american, swiss and italian cooking. I probably had the very best cooking teachers….so thanks to my mother, my grandfather, my grandmother, my father and il signore for expanding my culinary horizon.

I hope you find an interesting dish to try out or maybe a little inspiration for your next Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner- or Tea- Party with family and friends.

Most Recipes are created by myself (even though I am aware that there is probably no recipe you would not already find in the world of the Internet, if you search for it….I simply don’t search, if I have an idea 🙂 ). If a Recipe is not created by me, I write the name, by who it is, next to the title.

In my daily cooking at home I enjoy the Vegetarian or mostly Vegan kitchen. This is the reason why you will sometimes read “Soy Milk” or other non-dairy products by the listing of ingredients. Of course all the recipes work with the normal milk and dairy products too, if you prefer that. Instead of Eggs you can use Agar or Carob bean gum flour and instead of Cheese you can use vegan cheese, yeast flakes or Nut butters (Mmmh….Cashew butter, great to bake) and instead of Butter, Margarine is possible or good quality oils. Just eat and cook what makes you feel good!

Have fun and take care, Emily

PS: My first language is not english…so, please forgive me for the misspellings 🙂





Hier verlinke ich noch meine Webpage zu meiner Praxis für traditionelle europäische Naturheilkunde in der Altstadt Aarau:


21 thoughts on “About Emily

    • Hi! Thank you so much! I live in Switzerland, my Father is american and I once lived at the italian boarder. That’s the reason why I try to write this blog in english 🙂 And I do travel a lot. That’s why my recipes sometimes have influence from different countries. Where are you from? Have a great weekend! Today we have a big bbq…it’s the Swiss national day 🙂

    • vielen vielen herzlichen dank jasmin! ich fühle mich sehr geehrt und freue mich darüber, dass dir mein blog gefällt. zwar werde ich passen, da ich schon einmal mitmachen durfte, freue mich jedoch nicht minder über deine nominierung!

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