A vegan Casserole called Milpa

Vegan Casserole with Beans, Corn and Pumpkin, Jalapenos, Olives, Bell Pepper and a creamy Cashew Sauce on top.

I called my Casserole Recipe Milpa, after the crop-growing system in Mesoamerica. It’s based on the ancient agricultural methods of Maya people and other Mesoamerican people. Milpa agriculture produces maize, beans, and squash. If you cultivate them together, they act symbiotic.
So, I don’t want to disturb this symbiosis and just keep them together…while cooking and eating 😉 Works well! It’s very tasty….too bad we don’t have black beans in Switzerland at the normal store. I think it would make a better contrast for the eye. For that reason I will also take a red bell pepper the next time instead of a yellow one.

Find the Milpa Casserole Recipe here or go to “Vegan Delight Bites”

Enjoy, Emily

Emily’s Autumn Quiche

-Tasty Broccoli-Pumpkin Quiche with Goat Cheese, Bacon bits and Almonds-
Find this Autumn Quiche Recipe under “Bread&Pies”
If you are not a fan of Goat Cheese, you can also use other hard, salty Cheeses (strong Cheddar, Gruyere or Parmesan) and instead of soft Goat Cheese on top, you can add on some Brie.
Enjoy! Emily L.

Alemannic Dumplings à la Emily

Alemannic Dumplings à la Emily

“Spätzli” or “Chnöpfli” (little Buttons), how I call them, are known in the cuisines of southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Alsace and South Tyrol. Where I live, you mostly eat them in the time of Fall. Right now it’s tradition … Continue reading