Avocado Cream with marinated Tomatoes


Ingredients for 6 classes:

250g Cherry Tomatoes
1 Lime
6 Tbsp. Olive Oil
a handful of Basil
2 small Spring onion
2 ripe Avocados
1 Cup of Soy Yoghurt (original: Creek Yoghurt)
1 pinch of Sugar
Salt and Pepper
(Emily’s twist: add some Garlic powder and Chili flakes to the Avocado Cream)

Quarter the Tomatoes and salt and pepper them.

Mix 2 Tbsp. of Lime juice, Salt, Pepper, Sugar and Olive Oil. Chop the Basil fine and and mix everything with the Tomatoes.

Chop the Spring Onions very fine

Half the Avocados and remove the stone. Puree the Avocado meat, then add the Spring Onions, Yoghurt, 1 Tbsp. of Lime Juice, Salt and Pepper (Optional: some Chili flakes and Garlic powder)

Fill the Cream in glasses and layer the marinated Tomatoes on top without the juice

Set aside in the fridge or serve and enjoy


Blog Post – Guest post: Avocado- Tomato Dream Team:
As I promised, here my first guest post from no one less then my mother. For the new years eve dinner she prepared a beautiful Buffet for 16 hungry people. Two of the recipes I would like to share with you, as they are simple and fast to make but are a little star, when it comes to tickle your taste buds.
And…my personal opinion: Little scrumptious food combinations in small classes make me happy just to look at.
This is a great option for a Buffet or also as an appetizer.
For me there is no better cuisine then cooking with simple high quality ingredients. And the combination of sweet Cherry Tomatoes and creamy rich Avocado just scream to be eaten together….at least in my head (common, Avo-Toast with Tomatoes and cracked Pepper- who doesn’t get a kick out of this 2 Minute prep. meal)
As a first course I would maybe make some homemade focaccia to go with it. Or what are your serving ideas?