Lamb with Basil Crust and Fig Sauce

For 2 People


ca. 7 oz. Lamb Loin
2 handfull of Basil
4 Tbsp. Pine nuts
8 Tbsp. Olive Oil
6 Tbsp. Breadcrumbs
3 Tbsp. Parmesan
2 clove of Galic
2 Figs
1 Cup Red wine
1 Onion
1 Cup of Boillon or Water
2 Tsp. Flour

Preheat the oven on 480F (250°)
Salt and Pepper the Lamb. Heat up a piece of butter in a frying pan. When it’s melted and hot, cook the lamb for 2 minutes on every side. Then take it out of the pan and on a baking tray.

Use the same pan to cook the sauce in:
Chop up 1 clove of Garlic and 1 onion and cook it for a few minutes. If there is not enough butter in the pan left from cooking the meat, add some more. Then stir in the flour and deglaze it with the red wine and Boillon. Stir it and let the sauce cook until the meat is ready too. 2 minutes before serving, add the butter and the quartered figs and stir it one more time.

While the sauce is cooking, take the mortar and pestle the basil, pine nuts, 1 clove of garlic, parmesan and the olive oil to a paste. Then add the breadcrumbs and mix it well. Pile the mixture equally on the meat. If it’s not moist enough, add more olive oil. Put the meat on the tray in the preheated oven for 7 minutes.

Take the meat out and let it rest in aluminium foil for a few minutes.
Cut and serve it. Enjoy!


The lamb is wonderful in combination with the sweet potato-potato mash (find my recipe under “side dishes”)

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