And she did it again!

Once a year my grand aunt cookes this very hearty dish called Küttiger Carrots for my family. On the plate you have the special yellow Carrots, that only grow in the region by the small village Küttigen, and Potatoes. When they are cooked you can barly tell the differents, which one’s a potato and which one’s a carrot (as you can see on the photo)….you taste it though!
Traditionally you cook bacon with it, which is important for the taste of the whole dish, sometimes you serve ham or sausages too. And Dijon Mustard is a must on the table by us.
If you want to know more about the “Küttiger Carrot”, have a look at my page “the carrot market of Aarau” which you will find under culinary journeys. I posted This Recipe under “Side Dishes”.
It’s a very simple and old swiss recipe and it’s worth it to try this miraculous carrot if you ever get the chance to.


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