Vegan Maki Sushi for dinner

This vegan Maki Sushi is a wonderful dish for summer nights. For the Rawtill4 Lifestyle you don’t use the soy sauce and pickled Ginger, but it’s a dish, that everyone can join. I filled mine with either Tomatoes and Basil leafs or with different combinations of carrot, cabbage, Avocado, Cucumber and yellow Pepper.
Yuuummmm!!! And so easy to make! And if you don’t have a bamboo mat, don’t worry. I didn’t use one either. I used brown rice, which isn’t as sticky as the traditional Sushi rice, but it works.
Find this Recipe Here or go to “Vegan Delight Bites”
A nice weekend to everyone!

Bananice! A few vegan “Ice Cream” Ideas

Finally I made some delicious vegan Ice cream. As I don’t have an Ice cream maker, I wanted to try this one-ingredient Dessert with soft ice consistency for a long time. And it works!!! Low Fat, No dairy and great taste. All you need is frozen bananas…..and a blender.
My 3 creations for today are Coconut-Pineapple Bananice, Peanut butter Bananice and Chocolate-Caramel Bananice….as soon as you’ve prepared the base you can make your favorite ice cream, by adding caramel, vanilla or chocolate, different fruits and Nuts and voila! In less then 5 minutes you’ve made your favorite ice cream!
Find the Recipe Here or go to “Vegan Delight Bites”
Have a lovely summer sunday!

Jazz up your Easter Brunch…with my baked Porridge Bowl

IMG_6253 2
I wasn’t sure how this baked Porridge with Smoothie Cream would work out. But it was really worth it!!
I started to crave for a colourful fruity breakfast bowl, after seeing Katrina’s delicious looking Breakfast bowls from The colourful kitchen .
I changed it a bit, by baking my oats. What I like about this dish is, that you can use the fruits and nuts you like or have at home and create your very own perfect Baked Porridge Bowl.
I mixed my Oats with Soy flakes, Berries and Nut cream and made a smoothie with Banana, Berries, Ginger, Seabuckthorn juice (Vitamin boost) and Soy milk and topped it with Banana, Pine Apple, Chia Seeds and Goji Berries.
It’s a tasty contrast between the hot Porridge and the cold Smoothie.
Find my Recipe Here or go to “Breakfast”
Pssst, by the way: looking for an other fast and easy Brunch Highlight? Have a look at my Breakfast Baskets.

I wish everyone a great easter weekend!!!
Lots of love and delicious moments!

Strawberry-Rhubarb Love with a creamy Apple Kiss

….those crunchy sweet “crumbles” on top of the sweet fruit combination of Strawberries and Rhubarb pieces, with this irresistible Apple Vanilla Cream…Sweet dreams come true. I think I have a new favorite dessert!
While I made the crumbles they looked just perfect…but what happened while I was baking them? Instead of keeping the shape of round crumbles, it all just melted to a nice and crunchy crust on top. Not really what I wanted, but at least it didn’t effect the taste.

Find the Recipe Here or go to “Easy Desserts”

Crumble-Love and a happy sunday everyone!

Satay or Saté? Who cares….as long as it comes with Peanut Sauce!

Today we had some vegan Satay for dinner, with delicious marinated Tofu, a creamy peanut sauce, brown Rice and Salad. Of course you can also take Chicken instead of Tofu, if you prefer that. The preparation would be the same.
I like to make the Peanut Sauce out of Peanuts, but if you don’t have a grinder, you can also use Peanut butter. The sauce is a highlight! Even though, it’s very easy and fast prepared. You can make a creamy thick or a thinner sauce, depending on how much coconut milk you use.
A great dish as an Appetizer, Finger Food at a Party or just like this for dinner.
Find this Recipe Here or go to “Vegan Delight Bites”
A delicious weekend everyone!

Oats, Nuts and Seeds for a power Snack or Breakfast to go

Granola Bars are great to make. In my recipe you just mix all the ingredients in a bowl, spread it on the baking paper and bake them….no kitchen magic or sensationell trick. The great thing about making Granola bars is, that you can use the Oats you like, Nuts and fruits you like and mix them with whatever you can find in the kitchen, that would taste yummie in a Granola bar.
I never buy them, because for me they are always too sweet and I like to know what ingredients I eat…
This Recipe isn’t too sweet, but its very tasteful, crunchy on the outside, moist in the inside.
Find the Recipe here or go to “Breakfast” (even though it can also be a great Snack):)

A good weekend to everyone

The Proof of the Pudding is in the eating

Chia Pudding is nothing new anymore. But still it is so delicious and easy made and in my eyes worth a post. We already know: They contain antioxidants, calcium, potassium, iron, omega-3 and omega-6. Delicious and healthy? Always good news!

How can this little seed make a Pudding?

If the seeds are placed in liquid, the seeds form a highly mucoid polysaccharide. This changes the liquid into a gel-like consistency.

If you are on a gluten free diet, this seed can make creams and sauces thick and can sometimes replace flour. Just grind it before using.


As it is winter time and we don’t have too many seasonal fruits besides apples, I decided to take frozen blueberries and a ripe banana. But the combinations are endless. Here a few of my favorite ones:

– with Mango and roasted Coconut
– with Pineapple and roasted Coconut
– with Fresh wild Berries or pomegranate
– With fresh Peaches and Vanilla
– Mocha: Mix an espresso and 1 Tbsp. unsweetened Cacao with the Milk and the Chia
– With a few spoons of Pumpkin Puree and some Cinnamon and Nutmeg
– with Figs and Dates and some crushed Cashews on top
– with Apples (Precook with a cinnamon stick until soft, cool off before mixing) and grated Hazelnuts
– with grated Carrots, Cinnamon, a bit Lemon juice, crushed roasted Hazelnuts
– Acai and Banana
– Strawberries and Vanilla
– Add Peanut butter to the Chia-Milk and make a Cherry or berry layer
… etc etc…

Top off with crunchy roasted nuts or seeds or add some granola for your perfect breakfast.

Find this Recipe here or go to “Vegan delight bite”

Enjoy! Emily

A vegan Casserole called Milpa

Vegan Casserole with Beans, Corn and Pumpkin, Jalapenos, Olives, Bell Pepper and a creamy Cashew Sauce on top.

I called my Casserole Recipe Milpa, after the crop-growing system in Mesoamerica. It’s based on the ancient agricultural methods of Maya people and other Mesoamerican people. Milpa agriculture produces maize, beans, and squash. If you cultivate them together, they act symbiotic.
So, I don’t want to disturb this symbiosis and just keep them together…while cooking and eating 😉 Works well! It’s very tasty….too bad we don’t have black beans in Switzerland at the normal store. I think it would make a better contrast for the eye. For that reason I will also take a red bell pepper the next time instead of a yellow one.

Find the Milpa Casserole Recipe here or go to “Vegan Delight Bites”

Enjoy, Emily

For Smoothie and Coffee Lovers…


The opinions vary when it comes to Coffee and health. I believe, as I believe with almost everything “the dose makes the poison” (Thanks Mr. Paracelsus…what would we do without you?! Probably drink ourselfs to death with Coffee Smoothies…)
For all Coffee Lovers, here my Recipe for my vegan Energy Boost Coffee Smoothie. Sometimes with Cacao, sometimes with Vanilla, but always luscious!
It’s the perfect breakfast or lunch or just your little (big) treat for the day…
Seriously, if I could, I would swimm in it.

Find this Recipe here or go to “Breakfast”

Why Banana:
They are high in potassium and magnesium. Saturate quickly and persistently.
Why Chia Seeds:
Chia contain 5x more Calcium then milk. Also it has lots of antioxidants and omg3
Why Almonds:
Much of vitamin E, beta-carotene, calcium, iron and B vitamins. Even the rare trace elements zinc, selenium and fluoride are found in almonds.
Why Cacao:
It is rich in protein and contains plenty of fiber. The gently stimulating effect, which many feel in cocoa, is based on its content of theobromine, theophylline, and (very little) caffeine. It contains magnesium and potassium as well as valuable antioxidants that protect our cells from free radicals and premature aging. It has a mood-lifting effect through serotonin and dopamine. Cocoa is also good for the heart and circulation, as the flavonols (phytochemicals) make the blood vessels more elastic and can lower the blood pressure.
Why Vanilla:
The scent of vanilla can relieve stress, restlessness, anxiety, depression, insomnia and feelings of hunger. Reason is that vanilla stimulates the production of the happiness hormone serotonin in the brain.
It is effective for stomach upsets, sickness during pregnancy and cough

Enjoy! Emily

Stay healthy through long winters, with my Morning Kick Smoothie!

There is not yet an end to this winter. So here a way to give your immune system a kick…..a really delicious one!
My Morning Kick Smoothie! Find this vegan Recipe under “Breakfast”

Why Blueberries:
They contain cancer-preventing ingredients and antioxidants
Why Pomegranate:
The fruits can keep blood sugar levels stable, inhibit inflammation and help with digestive problems.
Why Ginger:
Ginger is anti-inflammatory, expectorant and analgesic. Ginger tea can help with digestive problems, as a bath it can solve additive muscle tension. It helps if you get car, bus or plane sick, if you chew on a piece of ginger.
Why Seabuckthorn juice:
Sea buckthorn is an effective natural remedy for colds, flu, and apply to strengthen the defenses. It has a high content of calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, several B vitamins and provitamin A.
Why Chia:
Chia contain 5x more Calcium then milk. Also it has lots of antioxidants and omg3

A great weekend everyone! And stay healthy,
Emily Lovestone