A Homage to Fruits and Breakfast

Dear fructose intolerant reader I guess this post is not meant for your eyes, as you will probably not find joy in reading it. Dear fruit lover/ Breakfast and Brunch Fanatic, “Let’s eat the Rainbow”-preaching Reader Welcome to an other … Continue reading

Bananice! A few vegan “Ice Cream” Ideas

Finally I made some delicious vegan Ice cream. As I don’t have an Ice cream maker, I wanted to try this one-ingredient Dessert with soft ice consistency for a long time. And it works!!! Low Fat, No dairy and great taste. All you need is frozen bananas…..and a blender.
My 3 creations for today are Coconut-Pineapple Bananice, Peanut butter Bananice and Chocolate-Caramel Bananice….as soon as you’ve prepared the base you can make your favorite ice cream, by adding caramel, vanilla or chocolate, different fruits and Nuts and voila! In less then 5 minutes you’ve made your favorite ice cream!
Find the Recipe Here or go to “Vegan Delight Bites”
Have a lovely summer sunday!