Vegan Maki Sushi for dinner

This vegan Maki Sushi is a wonderful dish for summer nights. For the Rawtill4 Lifestyle you don’t use the soy sauce and pickled Ginger, but it’s a dish, that everyone can join. I filled mine with either Tomatoes and Basil leafs or with different combinations of carrot, cabbage, Avocado, Cucumber and yellow Pepper.
Yuuummmm!!! And so easy to make! And if you don’t have a bamboo mat, don’t worry. I didn’t use one either. I used brown rice, which isn’t as sticky as the traditional Sushi rice, but it works.
Find this Recipe Here or go to “Vegan Delight Bites”
A nice weekend to everyone!

2 thoughts on “Vegan Maki Sushi for dinner

  1. I LOVE sushi, but have never made it my self. I really wish I could work up the courage…I don’t know why I have not tried it yet. These look good. I want to reach in to the computer screen and have lunch!

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