Oats, Nuts and Seeds for a power Snack or Breakfast to go

Granola Bars are great to make. In my recipe you just mix all the ingredients in a bowl, spread it on the baking paper and bake them….no kitchen magic or sensationell trick. The great thing about making Granola bars is, that you can use the Oats you like, Nuts and fruits you like and mix them with whatever you can find in the kitchen, that would taste yummie in a Granola bar.
I never buy them, because for me they are always too sweet and I like to know what ingredients I eat…
This Recipe isn’t too sweet, but its very tasteful, crunchy on the outside, moist in the inside.
Find the Recipe here or go to “Breakfast” (even though it can also be a great Snack):)

A good weekend to everyone