A Homage to Fruits and Breakfast

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Watermelon Summer!

This isn’t really about a real recipe…
It’s about the combination of two simple ingredients that match heavenly and are so addictive!
Watermelon & fresh Mint and the Summer can come!
Blend those two things and enjoy the fresh drink with some Ice, jazz it up for a cocktail night with some Vodka or Rum or freeze it in Popsicles for yourself or the kids!
Enjoy the Summer everyone!
Sunshine love, Emily L.

Jazz up your Easter Brunch…with my baked Porridge Bowl

IMG_6253 2
I wasn’t sure how this baked Porridge with Smoothie Cream would work out. But it was really worth it!!
I started to crave for a colourful fruity breakfast bowl, after seeing Katrina’s delicious looking Breakfast bowls from The colourful kitchen .
I changed it a bit, by baking my oats. What I like about this dish is, that you can use the fruits and nuts you like or have at home and create your very own perfect Baked Porridge Bowl.
I mixed my Oats with Soy flakes, Berries and Nut cream and made a smoothie with Banana, Berries, Ginger, Seabuckthorn juice (Vitamin boost) and Soy milk and topped it with Banana, Pine Apple, Chia Seeds and Goji Berries.
It’s a tasty contrast between the hot Porridge and the cold Smoothie.
Find my Recipe Here or go to “Breakfast”
Pssst, by the way: looking for an other fast and easy Brunch Highlight? Have a look at my Breakfast Baskets.

I wish everyone a great easter weekend!!!
Lots of love and delicious moments!

Stay healthy through long winters, with my Morning Kick Smoothie!

There is not yet an end to this winter. So here a way to give your immune system a kick…..a really delicious one!
My Morning Kick Smoothie! Find this vegan Recipe under “Breakfast”

Why Blueberries:
They contain cancer-preventing ingredients and antioxidants
Why Pomegranate:
The fruits can keep blood sugar levels stable, inhibit inflammation and help with digestive problems.
Why Ginger:
Ginger is anti-inflammatory, expectorant and analgesic. Ginger tea can help with digestive problems, as a bath it can solve additive muscle tension. It helps if you get car, bus or plane sick, if you chew on a piece of ginger.
Why Seabuckthorn juice:
Sea buckthorn is an effective natural remedy for colds, flu, and apply to strengthen the defenses. It has a high content of calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, several B vitamins and provitamin A.
Why Chia:
Chia contain 5x more Calcium then milk. Also it has lots of antioxidants and omg3

A great weekend everyone! And stay healthy,
Emily Lovestone