No-Egg Salad – Negg Salad – Vegg salad!

One of my close friends decided to go Vegan 2 Months ago (*happy*) She came over for a brunch a weeks ago and I wanted to make something she would really love. As she used to love(!!!) eggs and all … Continue reading

A little Star was baked

This post is not about a new Recipe. March 2014, while visiting my friend in Holland, I prepared them for the first time. Since that day I have made these Breakfast Baskets so many times. Sometimes I changed the Cheese, … Continue reading

Spring Brunch with an Egg in a Basket

Foto 21
This morning spring was in front of the door and I decided to jazz up our brunch with yummie Breakfast Baskets, with Ham, Egg, Onion, Cheese, Creme fraiche and Chives. A lovely dish for a brunch. Looks cute, tastes good and can be prepared a few hours in advanced, before you bake them.
Foto 41
Only 12 minutes in the oven, and the yolk is still runny in the middle and blends with the creamy filling of the crunchy pastry….
Find the Recipe Here or go to “Breakfast”
Foto 51
A delicious weekend everyone!