A Homage to Fruits and Breakfast

Dear fructose intolerant reader
I guess this post is not meant for your eyes, as you will probably not find joy in reading it.
Dear fruit lover/ Breakfast and Brunch Fanatic, “Let’s eat the Rainbow”-preaching Reader
Welcome to an other Episode of “Daily Delight Bites with Emily”! (Ok, I just made that up)

Fruits are the Natural and Real Fast Food of our Planet


One of the easiest fruity dish is probably the Fruit salad. We have as many options as we have fruits.
These are just a few:
In the summer time we might like them more exotic: with Mangos, Papayas, Pineapples (and Coconut! Mhm) or Peaches, Apricots etc etc…
The Winter time loves Persimmons and Oranges. Mmmmh Orange Salad with a shot of Cointreau or Rum…maybe not for breakfast though…
Fall Fruits can be Apples, sweet Grapes and jammy Figs with gooey Dates
And Spring loves all berries and more

Fruits and Grains – Porridge Time:

Carrot Cake Porridge:
Oats cooked in Water with grated Carrots, sweetened with Maple Syrup and Dates, spiced with Cinnmon, Nutmeg, Ginger and Clove, topped with Plums, 1 spotted ripe Banana and Nuts:
Tip for extra Sweetness: Cook the Banana with the Oats and the the Carrots. Makes it sweet and creamy
PS: Have you every tried Zoats? Just grate a Zucchini and cook it with the Oats, the rest stays the same. Little difference of preparation – Life time breakfast changes! 😉

Hot brown rice with Vanilla Bean, Fruits and Coconut:

Glutenfree? Purple Porridge: Cooked Golden Millet topped with Banana and frozen Berries:

I scream, You scream we all scream for Nicecream!
Warm summer mornings crave Nicecream –> Frozen fruit blended to Ice cream – no sugar adds, no dairy- just fruit.

The most important step of this meal is to use very sugary ripe fruits. For example: The Bananas have to be spotted, which means they are ripe and sugary, not starchy. This brings more taste to the food and they are great to digest.

With a blender in your kitchen you can make incredible creations and Ice cream dreams come true. You can leave it plain or blend it with Nuts, Nut Butter, Chocolate, Carob, Coffee, Spices or whatever you crave.
Here some of my favorite creations:

Banana-Vanilla Nice Cream topped with hot berries:

Banana-Blueberry Nice cream topped with fresh Blueberries and Figs:

Banana-Vanilla Nice Cream with hot cooked Cinnamon Apples (and other Ginger Bread Spices):

Banana-Cherry Nice Cream with Peanut Butter:

An Oldie but Goldie (From my Rawtill4 post) Banana-Mango Nice cream with more Mango:

Banana-Carob (or Chocolate) Nice cream with Strawberries:

Banana Nice cream with Berries and Rawnola (Loni Jane Anthony’s Creation):
How to make gooey Rawnola:
Place in a food processor: 7 pitted dates, 1/2 Cup Raw Oats, 1/2 Cup shredded Coconut, 1Tbsp. Coconut sugar. Pulse until ingredients are combined.
You can store it the fridge for a week. It’s so good on fruit salad, smoothie bowls or Nice cream!

Smoothies – Creamy Meals to Drink:
For other flavors or more fat you could add Nut Butter, Coconut meat, Avocado or Chocolate.
For a more sustainable meal you can also mix in oats or millet flakes.
Turn the Smoothie into a body warming drink with Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Ginger, Turmeric or Chili
And don’t forget the Greeeeeeens!!! Yep, now you have the chance to catch up with your intake of greens for more nutrients. Green Smoothies are my personal favorites.
Here some of my Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Smoothies – these are all with Nanas, as I love them, but of course you can also replace them with other creamy fruits like Mangos, Papayas, Durian etc.:


Banana-Mango-Pineapple-Coconut water:


Bananas-Carrots-Peanut butter:


Bananas and your favorite Greens (I usually use lettuce, chard, kale or spinach):

Banana-Coffee-Gingerbread Spices:

The Smoothie bowl:




Love to play with your food? Me too!
All you need to do is make a delicious thick smoothie (with not to much water for a Yogurt consistency), fill it into the bowl of your choice and start decorating and adding all the stuff you want. My favorites are coconut, roasted almonds or Peanut butter (what else), chocolate pieces or Passionfruit and new: soaked buckwheat or popped Amaranth. What are you favorite toppings?

Hope you enjoyed my post and maybe even got some new ideas and until next time! Keep it fresh! Cause this summer is coming 😉

13 thoughts on “A Homage to Fruits and Breakfast

  1. Those look absolutely incredible!! Thanks so much for the inspirations ^^ I did a post about smoothies too, but with only one recipe and it wasn’t nearly as exciting. In Costa Rica these are called “refresco”.
    Just one question: I know you English/American people are all supr obsessed with peanut butter, but I wonder if it tastes good in these?? I would love to try though as pb is a great source for healthy fats!
    Kisses and thanks for stopping by at my blog,

    • hi annika! thank you so much for your post! mmmh i remeber the refrescos in costa rica! the fruits there where so sweet! a paradise for fruit lovers! 🙂
      i think peanut butter is a question of taste. some love it some not. as i ‘m used to the taste in many ways, sweet and salty, i love me some penaut b. in my smoothies as well. but it’s not a regular treat as it has lots if fats and also i dont think it tasted good with every fruit. i only like it with carrots or cherrys. i dont like it with other berries or exotic fruit.
      so thabks for your thoughts and keep me updates if you tried it and if you liked it!

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