A Vegan Lovestory by Tibits&Hiltl

My significant other gave me a beautiful cook book called “Vegan Love Story” by Tibits and Hiltl. Last month friends came over for dinner and we tried 8 different dishes from that book. I love how they play with interesting … Continue reading

Love Ragout? This is for you!

Finally!!!!! I post the knife to the fork, the Romeo to his Juliet, the rain to the umbrella…..: here is the Portwine Ragout that goes with the Pumpkin Gnocchi I posted a while ago. Maybe that Portwine Ragout with Gnocchi … Continue reading

Let’s play with flavors and spices!

Let’s play with flavors and spices!

Todays recommendation: Lamb loin with basil crust and fig sauce (Recipe here)with a sweet potato-potato mash-oriental spiced! (Recipe here) A fast and easy Recipe and a winner for all lamb fans! Klick on the links or find the Recipes under … Continue reading