Chocolate Barks – a Christmas gift

This years christmas gift: Homemade Chocolate Barks! Ingredients: White Chocolate bars Dark Chocolate bars It’s important to use a good quality of chocolate for the optimum of taste Optional Sprinkle combinations. I choose: White Chocolate with: Cranberries and Pistachio Chocolate covered … Continue reading

A little Easter Sweet Treat…

Happy Easter everyone!!!
Here I’ve got a little and super easy sweet treat idea for you, ideal to go with your after easter dinner espresso, but also with your afternoon tea or coffee.
All you need is Couverture Chocolate and Nuts for the base, then you can play with flavours.
My creations are: Dark and Milk Chocolate-Almond Praliné, plain or either Coconut covered or Chili dusted. As I enjoy the Dark Chocolate-Chili combination, I also added some Chili powder into the mix, then dusted them with more before they dried.
I think the quality of the chocolate is import, as it’s the main taste. Then I used Almonds, but it’s also delicious with different nuts and seeds or for example caramel pieces.

Find this recipe Here or go to “easy Desserts”

Enjoy, Love,

Cupcake – Mania is continuing…!!


Peanut butter – Jam Cupcake. With this one, you must go Nuts!


Marzipan – Poppy Seeds Cupcake …..I call her Mary Poppins


Mocca Cupcake…. mocca loca: madness combination of very very chocolatey and strong coffee. Don’t be weak, be Mocca!

All these Sweeties you can find under “Recipes” or klick directly on the Cupcake names.

Enjoy! Emily Lovestone

New Recipes out now…..

…..go to “Recipes” to find:


Caramel – Fleur de Sel Cupcakes (with Dulce de Leche)


Berry Delight Bite Cupcakes: a combination of wild berries and white chocolate


Apple cinnamon Cupcakes

Vanilla Coconut Cupcakes

Lavender Honey Cupcakes

Lemon Meringue Cupcake

lovely and easy! Enjoy and have a great day, EmilyLovestone