Winter Jam – Baked Apple

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Here a little (and late) Christmas gift Idea…or just a nice recipe for a Winter Brunch…..
Mmmh, I looove baked apples, with Nuts, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamon….the lovely smell of winter from the oven. So, this year I made this Jam as a christmas gift….
I didn’t bake the apples, but the mix of all those wonderful delightful ingredients become a baked apple taste….
I don’t have too much experience with Jam making and I have to say, the Jam was more liquid then I expected it to be, more like a Honey consistence, but the smell and taste is exactly what I wished for….
Someone told me, that I should just reheat it, to make it thinker…(?) I’ll try that next time.
Find the Baked-Apple-Jam under “Breakfast”
Have a wonderful christmas and a haaaaaappy New Year!
Love, Emily Lovestone

Cupcake – Mania is continuing…!!


Peanut butter – Jam Cupcake. With this one, you must go Nuts!


Marzipan – Poppy Seeds Cupcake …..I call her Mary Poppins


Mocca Cupcake…. mocca loca: madness combination of very very chocolatey and strong coffee. Don’t be weak, be Mocca!

All these Sweeties you can find under “Recipes” or klick directly on the Cupcake names.

Enjoy! Emily Lovestone