Searching for the eggs on Easter Sunday…..

For the Easter Dessert I made a classic Lemon Pie. The Lemon curd is easy prepared and you can make it days or weeks in advance. I bought the pie crust…*shame shame* and forget the Eggs!!!…
Lucky me, when I saw, that I still had two eggs left in the fridge. Two! That doesnt make a great big layer Meringue….
All in all a great Pie. Even with a thin layer Meringue. And about the bought crust….pssst, it’s our little secret!
Find the Recipe Here or go to “Easy Dessert”

Love, Emily Lovestone

Strawberry-Rhubarb Love with a creamy Apple Kiss

….those crunchy sweet “crumbles” on top of the sweet fruit combination of Strawberries and Rhubarb pieces, with this irresistible Apple Vanilla Cream…Sweet dreams come true. I think I have a new favorite dessert!
While I made the crumbles they looked just perfect…but what happened while I was baking them? Instead of keeping the shape of round crumbles, it all just melted to a nice and crunchy crust on top. Not really what I wanted, but at least it didn’t effect the taste.

Find the Recipe Here or go to “Easy Desserts”

Crumble-Love and a happy sunday everyone!

It’s a Pinkie! (Not a Brownie)

I don’t want to bore you with an other Brownie recipe. A while ago Blondies have made the round and became kitchen favorites.
I spontaneously wanted to bake for my grandmother and searched through my kitchen cupboards to find the perfect ingredients for this perfect sweet treat, which I didn’t really know what it would be. So, thinking of a Brownie/Blondie….
…………. the “Pinkie” was born!
– A brownie consistency with white chocolate, Almonds, Coconut and Blueberries! Addictive!
Find my Recipe here or go to “Easy Desserts” for pinkalicious moments!
Emily L.

One Bite treat…it’s a Gugel!

Mini Gugels, coming from “Gugelhupf”, also knows as: Gugelhopf, Napfkuchen, Topfkuchen, Rodonkuchen or Bundt cake – usually in a big Bundt Form, and mostly a simple dough with raisins. I got me one of those Mini Gugel Forms….to make one-bite-size Gugels. You can fill the hole with chocolate sauce, cream cheese filling, butter cream filling or icing and decorate them the way you like.
I decided to make vegan Vanilla Coconut Gugels, but the variations are endless! Bake them only 11 minutes in the oven, to keep them moist and soft. The perfect sweet treat for you and your friends with coffee and tea or bring them to your next party…they will love’em
Have a great weekend and hopefully a delicious one!

Autumn is Apple season….

Autumn is Apple season….

How about a delicious, moist Cinnamon Apple-Walnut Cake… It’s the perfect sweet for the season. This one is made with whole grain spelt flour, crunchy walnuts, seasonal organic apples and brown sugar from Jacutinga. Find the recipe under “Easy Desserts” … Continue reading

Mini Mississippi Cakes by Betty Bossi

Mini Mississippi Cakes by Betty Bossi

A little Cake with a surprise! Most of you know very well, I did not invent this cake recipe…but the Mississippi Cake from Betty Bossi is a classic in Switzerland…and it’s chocolate…with a chocolate bar in the inside!!! What else … Continue reading