My Holiday Feeling Cheesecake

My Spring Mood is continuing….life is just so much lighter on a sunny day….
…well lighter then that full-fat Cheesecake, I tell you that!
I made a little mistake and baked the Cheesecake for only 45 minutes……I have no idea why I did that….probably I was just tooooo excited 🙂 well… hour bake time would be better. My cheesecake is a little bit liquid in the center….
In the last few days I had this huge craving for Pineapple…fresh and sweet and juicy yummie! Knowing that friends are coming over for dinner and knowing about my guests sweet thooth, I had a good reason to make a cheesecake.
As I don’t eat too much dairy products, this wasn’t just a calorie bomb….it was also a dairy Bomb….but just a liiiitle slice….or 2 or 3…. ou well. I’m still alive and it was soooo delicious, that I share my recipe with you.


Find my Coco Choco Pineapple Cheesecake Recipe Here, or go to “Easy Desserts”

Sunny spring greetings!

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