Special Food for Special People

Today I have something nice for you guys. But even more I have something nice for my Bridesmaids, as they are the ones that actually come and eat the food I have prepared.
I am getting married this summer and even if we don’t have the tradition with the Maids here in Switzerland, I believe it’s a lovely one. So for our special day this summer I’ve decided to have my friends of honor and best sisters being my Bridesmaids. And as they do so much for me through this time (just thinking about all my wedding bla bla they deal with), tonight I can give them back just a little bit, by cooking for them and celebrate our friendships.



With a big plate full of veggie sticks and some Corn Tortillas to Dip. But these Lentil crackers! Guys! Heaven!
It’s all low fat, vegan, healthy and super yummie!
Find the Recipe Here or go to “Vegan Delight Bites”

Happy Weekend everyone,

my thousand and one nights with a touch of Emily

Mmmh….the smell of cumin and coriander, curcuma, pepper, cinnamon, cardamon and garlic in my kitchen….I’m a fan of those oriental spices and ingredients. Time to use them for the next dish…..Oriental Golden Millet Cakes with Baba Ghanoush.
Golden Millet is very healthy and has lots of iron, calcium, magnesium and silicon and is great for our bones, joints, skin, hair and nails. And the best for a fast cooking: It only takes 15 minutes to cook.
Baba Ghanoush is an easy made Eggplant Dip. Usually it contains lots of Olive Oil. Of course I do love the creamy, rich, tasteful Baba Ghanoush, but for tonight I wanted a light version. 2 spoons of Soy Yogurt and 1 small spoon of Tahini made it wonderful creamy….this and a Salad and dinner is ready!
Have a great evening….or morning – where ever you are in this world.
Love, Emily

PS: The recipes are under “Vegan Delight Bite”