And it was (Cheesecake-) love at first sight

Didn’t she just post a Cheesecake Recipe? I know I know! Am I excused if I tell you that this one is with White Chocolate?! (yummm…..)
I have to maybe explain you, that Switzerland, where I live, knows about Cheesecake for a very short time only. People here grow up with baked or non-baked Cake made with Curd Cheese. Some people call this Cheesecake. Don’t get me wrong. I always loved the light and fluffy Curd Cheese and fruit Cakes. But it’s simply indisputable not a Cheesecake the way the USA makes it. A Cheesecake in my eyes is not light and fluffy….well maybe fluffy. It’s going to ruin your diet! It’s sweet and creamy and that’s how I think a Cheesecake should be.
So many people here only know Cheesecake for maybe a bit more then 12 years (that’s a guess) and for most of the time in the past years it was only to buy at Starbucks….for a lot of money. They had only 2 varieties: New York Cheesecake and Raspberry white Chocolate Cheesecake.
When I moved to Basel 11 years ago to study, the Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake was our biggest treat. Every second week some friends and I would buy a piece and share it together. This sweet sensation made the sun shine on rainy days!
Last week I was invited to a Party (maybe you saw my Flower Bread…that was for the same Party), and so I knew right away which Dessert I will bring. Cheesecake has so many lovers in this world and makes faces smile while eating. But which one? I actually thought of a Caramel Nut Cheesecake or a Peanut butter Chocolate one (mmmh, just by writing out those names my mouth is watering….I will make and post them one day! Promised.)
But then I thought about not getting too fancy… (In this country some people slowly get used to Peanut butter and love or hate it. It’s just not a very often used product. I must say…..I looooove it!!!! So maybe it’s the best for me, that we can’t buy my favorite brand here. Which would be Jif!!!) …and bring the “classic” one. The one that everyone here knows (because there was no other for a long time) Hello Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake! Welcome to the Party! And it was love at first sight…!

Ps: I wanted to make Hearts with my Raspberry Sauce and I do know, that Hearts do look a liiiiittle different……maybe you can see them with some creativity 😉
I should have practiced before. In my head it was so easy to do…
Gladly I had some sugar hearts left to decorate 🙂
Find the Recipe Here or go to “Easy Desserts”

A great weekend everyone!
Love Emily

12 thoughts on “And it was (Cheesecake-) love at first sight

  1. When I was a little girl we had a wonderful young lady come and live with us for a while. She was from Switzerland as well. She was on of the people who could NOT get use to peanut butter! I do not remember if she took to cheese cake or not…I will have to ask her! I would LOVE to try your country’s version of ‘cheese cake’ some time. But I do love a north American cheese cake.

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