Breakfast Time!!! Porridge Time!!!

The best mornings are the relaxed ones. When you have time to make a nice breakfast for yourself and/or your beloved ones and when even the I-don’t-eat-breakfast!-People want to sit down and enjoy fresh brewed coffee, juices and delicious food.
I’m a hugh fan of Porridge. I cook it often, love it warm for breakfast or eat it cooled off for lunch. Whole grain oats, seasonal fruits, honey or maple syrup, sometimes cinnamon, sometimes ginger and sometimes both, cardamom, dried fruits, rice milk or soy milk, nuts and seeds……sooo many options….
My Porridge Recipe with Soy milk, roasted almonds and Coconut, Dates, Figs, Grapes and Honey you can find under “Breakfast”.
A great friday to everyone and a delicious weekend 😉 maybe with some Porridge tomorrow morning…
Love, Emily L.

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