When a little bit of France meets a Hint of United States in my tiny swiss kitchen

Chives Galette filled with Cobb Salad….

Galette is a very thin french buckwheat pancake from Bretagne. They are delicious filled with sweet and salty variations.
The Cobb Salad is an american classic. The legend says that 1937 Mr.Cobb from the Restaurant Brown Derby in Hollywood invented it, when he was hungry by combining leftovers he had in his kitchen. The Cobb salad is always served with it’s ingredients ordered next to each other.
This Filled Galette is a great dish to serve for a lunch or dinner. You can prepare all the ingredients and the batter in advance, and it’s an eye catcher as well. Or make little Galettes if you serve them as an Appetizer….
Find the Recipe under “Appetizers”
Bon Appetit! Emily

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