Magic Matcha

I live next to a little Tea store with a red door. The owner is a very funny man from England. Outside of his little shop he has a little round table, where he sits most of the time on not rainy days, smokes a cigarette and drinks…..wait for it! Coffee.
As I do enjoy some Tea once in a while and live next to this shop, I went to ask for this green Matcha tea, after reading and hearing so much about the new trend.
A little shocked about the Matcha prices, I took the free samples first, but soon returned to buy some of this poison-green treat! Delicious with a little water and soy milk I started to enjoy my Matcha every morning, just as I used to drink coffee. Today I am equipped with everything you need to make a nice foam on the Matcha Tea (thanks to my brother).
I have heard the question: “But don’t you just want to press the button, sit down and drink your coffee. This Tea takes too much time in the mornings…
I do see that point. To make a matcha, takes me about 3 minutes. About 2 Minutes and 50 seconds longer then to make a coffee with a coffee machine.
Preparation belongs to the joy of drinking and eating. So no, 3 minutes for my daily morning Tea is just fine.
I found this video how to prepare the matcha tea traditionally…..that’s noooot how I do it 😀 I have respect for this perfection. Have a look:


Here some facts about this tea:
Matcha is a green Tea from Japan and means milled tea. It’s full of Catechins, vitamines and antioxidants.
4 weeks before they harvest the leaves, they shade them. This is the reason for the intense green. Then the leaves get steamed and dried and stone- ground.
It takes up to one hour to grind 30 grams of matcha.
For one bowl or cup of Matcha you take 1-2g powder. Then heat up the water (or water- soy milk to make a “Matcha-Latte”). When it boils, take it off the heat and wait. The water should be arround 80°C. Poor water to the powder and stir it well. With the bamboo brush (Cha-sen) you can stir it very easy and make a nice foam.
If you buy the tea, be carefull with the quality and be sure it’s organic.
The real matcha taste is “umami”, the 5. sense of taste.

The Carrot Market of Aarau – Aargauer Rüeblimärt

The canton in Switzerland were I live is also called the “Carrot- Canton”, known for it’s carrots and carrot dishes. Once a year the little town Aarau has a big event: the carrot market of Aarau. Of course you can also buy Cheeses, meats, Honey and other things there, but the main attraction is the carrot. Today was the 32.carrot market (every first wednesday of November) with 140 Stands.
It was a very rainy morning. But at the market people had fun and laughed and enjoyed that special day, as it was the sunniest.
And while enjoying some carrot cake and talks with the local farmers I made some photos for you… might want to stop by one year when you’re near by…:
Foto 2





On this last photo you see the “Küttiger Carrot” from the little village Küttigen, next to Aarau. The carrot has a special taste, a little earthy like a potato, with a little sweetness. The classic dish you cook with it, is Küttiger Rüebli (Rüebli=Carrot), Potatoes, Ham and 2 different Bacons.
The Recipe for this dish will follow soon.

PS: On every 4.Monday in November they have the Onion Market in Bern….

Vienna’s best Wiener Schnitzels

Vienna’s best Wiener Schnitzels

On my trip through Vienna I had many culinary highlight. I recommend to eat cake (preferred original Sacher-Torte) and drink a Sacher Coffee….with apricot liqueur and whipped cream at the Restaurant Sacher. The culinary specialities are endless…..from Tafelspitz to Topfennockerln … Continue reading