Vienna’s best Wiener Schnitzels

On my trip through Vienna I had many culinary highlight.
I recommend to eat cake (preferred original Sacher-Torte) and drink a Sacher Coffee….with apricot liqueur and whipped cream at the Restaurant Sacher.
The culinary specialities are endless…..from Tafelspitz to Topfennockerln and of course the great art of making Wiener Schnitzel that reach over the edge of your plate. Here are my Wiener Schnitzel favorites:

My first Wiener Schnitzel-recommendation is from the “Weibel’s Wirtshaus”. Delicious austrian food! Very nice to sit outside or inside and de Schnitzel is so heavenly! What more can i say!

“Schloss Concordia” is not right in the center, but a must if you’re a Schnitzel Fan. The perfect place to eat, when it’s weather to sit inside. The rustic ambiance is one of a kind, with wooden floors and tables and the light only coming from candles. As it is right next to the central cemetery, where you can find the graves of Beethoven, Brahms, Strauss etc. you can also go for a walk there before you enjoy dinner at Concordia.
They do have the traditional Wiener Schnitzel, but even more interesting are their Schnitzel Wraps filled with delicious combinations, usually served with salads and cranberry sauce.

Famous “Figlmüller” serves his Schnitzel traditionally with “Erdäpfelvogerl-Salat” which is a Potato-field-salad with a sweet touch.

The Wiener Schnitzels I make aren’t as large or thin as the ones they serve in Vienna, but they are definitely as tasteful. Soon coming up: my Wiener Schnitzel Recipe! Find it under “Meats” See you soon!

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