Magic Matcha

I live next to a little Tea store with a red door. The owner is a very funny man from England. Outside of his little shop he has a little round table, where he sits most of the time on not rainy days, smokes a cigarette and drinks…..wait for it! Coffee.
As I do enjoy some Tea once in a while and live next to this shop, I went to ask for this green Matcha tea, after reading and hearing so much about the new trend.
A little shocked about the Matcha prices, I took the free samples first, but soon returned to buy some of this poison-green treat! Delicious with a little water and soy milk I started to enjoy my Matcha every morning, just as I used to drink coffee. Today I am equipped with everything you need to make a nice foam on the Matcha Tea (thanks to my brother).
I have heard the question: “But don’t you just want to press the button, sit down and drink your coffee. This Tea takes too much time in the mornings…
I do see that point. To make a matcha, takes me about 3 minutes. About 2 Minutes and 50 seconds longer then to make a coffee with a coffee machine.
Preparation belongs to the joy of drinking and eating. So no, 3 minutes for my daily morning Tea is just fine.
I found this video how to prepare the matcha tea traditionally…..that’s noooot how I do it 😀 I have respect for this perfection. Have a look:


Here some facts about this tea:
Matcha is a green Tea from Japan and means milled tea. It’s full of Catechins, vitamines and antioxidants.
4 weeks before they harvest the leaves, they shade them. This is the reason for the intense green. Then the leaves get steamed and dried and stone- ground.
It takes up to one hour to grind 30 grams of matcha.
For one bowl or cup of Matcha you take 1-2g powder. Then heat up the water (or water- soy milk to make a “Matcha-Latte”). When it boils, take it off the heat and wait. The water should be arround 80°C. Poor water to the powder and stir it well. With the bamboo brush (Cha-sen) you can stir it very easy and make a nice foam.
If you buy the tea, be carefull with the quality and be sure it’s organic.
The real matcha taste is “umami”, the 5. sense of taste.

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