Wrapping the Wraps in Curry Heaven

I love to make Wraps for Partys as a finger food, by cutting small pieces and placing a thooth pick in the middle of every piece. Wraps filled with Tuna Salad, Shrimp Cocktail or the ones I made today: Chicken Curry, with red Pepper and sweet Corn and a Creme fraiche Cream. Mmmh! Yummie! They look nice and taste great and you can prepare the Wraps in advance. But also as a dinner or lunch meal, it’s a good idea, fast prepared and sooo tasty.
Today I received a request to make those Curry Wraps again, after seeing me preparing them for the Party. This time for sunday dinner….well in that case: Your wish is my command!
Find this Recipe Here or go to “Easy Lunch and Dinner Ideas”

Wrapaliciously, Emily

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