“Hey Switzerland, this is Cornbread!”

Cornbread is as common in the USA as Zopf is in Switzerland.
I never had Zopf in the USA and no one besides my parents ever made Cornbread for me in Switzerland.
So, I guess my job is it, to introduce those simple but irresistible bread dishes to the other country….even though I played a bit with the original recipes…
To make a Cornbread you need Cornmeal. And there we may see the first little problem. There is no Cornmeal in Switzerland. What I take, just trust me, is very fine Polenta. It works and tastes very close. There are very many different recipes for cornbread, also depending where the recipe is from in the United States.
Many times, cornbread gets served fresh from the oven with meat and mashed potatoes, gravy (that’s how I eat it mostly)….and other salty dishes. But I also know many people that eat it sweet with butter and honey.
The cornbread I make is the one I grew up with. But in this recipe, I thought I just add some black olives, sun dried tomatoes and basil. If cornbread is new to you, you might just want to try it plain. And then you might fall in love with it, as I did….
The Antipasti-Cornbread is under “Apéro”
Have a great week, Emily L.

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