“Hey America, this is Zopf!”

As I promised: I introduce you to Zopf, swiss braided bread. It’s a typical swiss white bread, made with butter and milk and it belongs on every swiss sunday morning breakfast table. Many families make their own on saturday evening or sunday morning, but you can also buy it on saturdays in the stores or farmers markets (our stores are closed on sundays). Usually we use the special Zopf flour to make it. It contains 10% spelt, that makes the texture of the bread smoother, but you can also use normal white wheat flour.
Sometimes we add cooked bacon bits to it, or make it sweeter with more sugar or chocolate bits. In december, usually on the 6th, it’s a tradition to make sweet Zopf dough and form little dough men (Santa Claus).
Nothing tops homemade fresh warm bread…Mmmh…!
Try and Enjoy, Emily L.

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