Finally Fluffy Blinis

I had this nice idea one day to make delicious Salmon Blinis, dreaming of a fluffy dough with tasty smoked Salmon and a rich Horseradish Cream….
So, I made the Blinis….not an original Recipe, but just the way I thought it would taste delightful. And…delightful is definitely the wrong word…they were dry and hard and not really fluffy at all….more like a chewy frisbee…
Time to win this Quest against myself and the Blini dough….
I won and finally made a batter that became as fluffy and delicious as I wanted it to be and that I wanted to share with you all. The Salmon Blini Recipe is under “Apero”.
By the way: Blinis are russian Pancakes and usually made with Yeast….
Hope you enjoy them!