A classic swiss sunday dinner

There are a few varieties of this dish, called Fleischvögel (Beef Rolls). The way the woman in my family prepared it and still do is this classic way.
They are filled with Mustard, Bacon, Carrot, Bread and Onions.
Good about it: The rolls can be prepared in advance. In Switzerland it’s a classic sunday dish, mostly combined with Potatoes (Mash or Gratin).
My grandmother used to make them, my mother prepares them and last year I started to cook them too. Younger people barely ever cook it….I guess because it’s one of those meals, you want to eat excactly how your mother always prepared it….so it’s easier to sometimes go home on sunday evenings to Hotel Mama and eat it there (where the food tastes best anyway, right?!). But when it comes to traditional swiss cuisine and meat dishes, it was in my interesst to start cooking meals like that, since it is Mr. Lovestones favorite cuisine…. and we all know: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

With this swiss dish post I would like to say hello to Mary Ellen and Earl in Charlotte, North Carolina. Two great and loving people that are always interested in good food and truly know how to cook! Thank you for following this blog. I miss you two very much! And hope the day will come, when we can meet again in Destin, where the Key Lime Pie tastes the best! 🙂

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Love, Emily