Happy 1.Blog Birthday!

Exactly one year ago this blog baby was born. Happy 1.Birthday!
After writing so many Recipes on paper and post-its for friends that asked me, after I have cooked for them, I knew there most be an easier solution. So my cooking passion led me to wordpress and wordpress led me to many youtube tutorial videos and (another) new food blog was born.
The only motto for this blog: Easy to prepare with fresh quality ingredients and recipe ideas mostly created by myself with influence from all over the world.
And with my blog journey the feedbacks came. Thank you for all the enthusiastic and of course also critical feedbacks (Some thought I was posting too much, for some it wasn’t enough, some people got irritated by vegan recipes, some wished for more meat dishes…..my conclusion: I think there is a Recipe for everyone).
And guess what? This blog and I will continue to surprise you with new and hopefully inspiring dishes to just look at or recreate.
Thank you for following or visiting my Blog!
My todays Birthday post: Fast and easy Raspberry Cheesecake in a glass.
Find this Recipe Here or go to “Easy Desserts”

Very berry much love
Emily Lovestone

15 thoughts on “Happy 1.Blog Birthday!

  1. I had to smile as I saw the post-heading 😉
    Today I checked if there was something new to see on my dashboard – a little notification: “Happy Anniversary with wordpress.com!”
    I didn’t know that my blog exists since one year – exactly one year – no day more or less. WOW a whole year. OK I think it’s enough. The reason why I had to smile was that we started blogging apparently at the same day 🙂
    So that this comment is also worthwhile, I’ll write sth about today’s recipe.
    I looove raspberrys AND I looooove cheescake. Yummy! Enough reasons for writing a new shopping list 😉
    I know that this is no perfect English but I hope that you can understand everything 🙂

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